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Spare Parts Manager

Spare Parts Manager is a powerful software package-software- computing solution for the management of aircraft spare parts (stock control). Dedicated to the aerospace industry, it is intended for all companies dealing with listed items (part numbers) on a daily basis (spare parts, consumables, expendables, tools, chemical products, any part numbers, rotable / components), particularly for brokers, stockist, repair shops, distributors and manufacturers.

The functionalities of this software package cover :


·         Quotations

·         Customer orders

·         Supplier orders

·         Invoicing

·         Stock control

·         Sales and marketing data files

·         Exchanges

·        Repairs, warranty claim

·         Quality indicators


The decentralized architecture allows for, amongst other, multi-site collaborative teamwork. more information


NEW ! SPM 2010 TRIAL is an evaluation version of the Spare Parts Manager software solution. This release is done for evaluation purpose only. All basic features are included. You can donwload this trial version by following this link : download Spare Parts Manager v2010 TRIAL



Stock Manager


Stock Manager is inventory control software very easy to use. It enables part number management, stock quantity management and in/out history of spare parts. The analysis tools enable to extract stock cash flow and compute automatically restocking order.


There is a multitude of options which you can have in this modularly software:

  • Group by family or category
  • Store and warehouse management
  • Bar coding management
  • Free fields
  • Kit management
  • ...

Full option list available on request. contact us

Stock Manage lite is a limited version of Stock Manager. You can download and use it free. You can donwload this freeware by following this link : download Stock Manager lite (freeware)




The GridTools component is a DataGridView management control tool for Windows Form, intended to ensure seamless functioning in an n-third or client/server application.

In fact, the model offered by Microsoft uses the automatic generation of a TableAdpater. This class, which allows for the synchronization of a DataSet in a database table, forces the transport of the DataSet backwards and forwards.

GridTools offers a solution to this drawback, considerably reducing the bandwidth used, by returning only the changes in the lines added.

GridTools allows for the automatic generation of the functions INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.

GridTools allows for the automatic generation of visual customization of DataGridView.

The graphics editor contained in the GridTools package allows it to configure links with the columns of a table or a database view and automatically generates typed Datasets, instantly usable in the DatasetDesigner of the Visual Studio IDE.

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